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Welcome To Mill Park Myotherapy!

If you’re suffering muscle pain or associated soft tissue dysfunction then you have come to the right place! Mill Park Myotherapy is proud to provide our local and surrounding community with the most trusted, professional and positively reviewed care out of all nearby massage & Myotherapy clinics. Here you will find all you need to know about our Mill Park Myotherapy team, how to schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one as well as helpful information about massage and Myotherapy. We regularly assist individuals suffering headaches, poor posture, stress, general stiffness, muscle spasm, muscle tightness, post-traumatic whiplash, overuse injuries, sports injuries, nerve symptoms and much more. For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and speak with a team member today via 1300-003-777.

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What To Expect With Myotherapy In Mill Park

Our Myotherapist’s employ a particularly extensive physical evaluation to obtain an accurate overall picture of our clients presenting condition, complaint and prognosis. Following a thorough discussion, your Myotherapist will complete an observation of your movement, gait, posture and strength as well as palpation of your spinal and extremity joints. As always, clinicl orthopaedic and neurological testing is important to rule out particular diagnoses and indicate whether treatment is safe for you. Following this consultation, if it is indicated that your problem will respond well to massage and Myotherapy management then treatment will be administered at the time of your appointment so we can assist you in recovering from your problem as quickly as possible.

How Can Mill Park Myotherapy Help You Today?

Myotherapist’s are well placed to assist with many clinical problems. Our practitioners are also located within the highly regarded Vitality Chiropractic Australia at 9/7 Development Boulevard, Mill Park, VIC (3082) meaning we have a brilliant network of referral practitoners if you will be better suited seeing someone else. How can Myotherapy help you today?

  • Alleviates local and referred pain associated with muscle and connective tissue trigger points (i.e ‘knots’)
  • Reduces overall muscle tension that may be caused by exercise, overuse, emotional tension, posture or trauma
  • Effectively stretches muscle and connective tissue to increase local blood flow and healing
  • Reduces stiffness and encourages greater range of movement and flexibility
  • Reduces the strain and stress that can be noticed with regular physical exercise
  • Enhances movement and muscular power by increasing the efficiency of muscle actions
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