It is essential that all individuals who suspect they’re suffering from Achilles tendon injury to consult with a general practitioner or primary health therapist such as a Sports Chiropractor. In order to arrive at a clinical diagnosis, your practitioner will conduct a thorough history and physical examination. In particular circumstances additional imaging may be clinical necessary to ascertain the exact severity and level of damage.

  • Physical Examination: A Physiotherapist or Chiropractor will examine your lower leg, foot and ankle. This will involve a series of assessments such as observing you walk, stand on your toes as well as orthopaedic evaluation (Thompson test – calf squeeze) to determine if there is Achilles tendon injury present.
  • Patient History: Your practitioner will discuss your complaint and mechanism of injury. Questioning may include the quality of pain, presence of relieving or aggravating factors, recent sporting activity and past history.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: If following these procedures that your practitioner determines that further imaging is necessary then referral for MRI and Ultrasound may be required.