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We’re A Customer Driven Clinic That Aims To Provide The Highest Quality Musculoskeletal Treatment. We Proudly Have The Best Reputation In Bundoora & Are Located Off Plenty Road Close To RMIT Uni. Question? Speak To A Therapist.

  • UNIQUE: We’re a modern, family friendly community focused pain relief clinic. Your Myotherapist is certified in a range of techniques (Remedial, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue, Needling, Cupping, Sports, Trigger point & more) so they can tailor treatment specific to your complaint. Our goal is for you to trust our service so you’re happy refering family & friends when they require attention.
  • REPUTATION & EXPERIENCE: Over 10+ years in business we’ve come to learn what local families want and have therefore developed a fantastic reputation which sees us have the most 5 star reviews in the area. 
  • AVAILABILITY: Finding time to visit a Bundoora Myotherapist can be difficult. We aim to be there for our customers which means you can schedule appointments early morning, late nights & weekends.
  • LOCATION: Your Myotherapist is situated close for all Bundoora residents. We’re approximately 5min past RMIT University towards South Morang. 
  • AFFORDABLE: We want everyone to enjoy the many benefits of Myotherapy. Our fees remain extremely competitive and affordable for all.
Bundoora Myotherapy

Myotherapist Bundoora New Client Offer

If you’re new to our practice then we have a special surprise for you! We continue to offer all new clients a special introductory offer which we know surrounding Myotherapy clinics cannot match. Below you’ve discover this offer:

Problems Treated By Bundoora Myotherapy

Many people seek Myotherapy in Bundoora treatment because they’re suffering from a particular musculoskeletal related problem. Common problems which we encounter in practice include:
  • Neck, middle back and lower back pain
  • Shoulder tension, rounded shoulders & poor posture
  • Sciatica and other forms of nerve pain like Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pregnancy related back pain
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Sports injuries (strains, sprains)

Jordan Galt (Bundoora Myotherapist)

Jordan Galt is the leading Myotherapist at Vitality Chiropractic Australia. Jordan has spent many years working within the health, fitness and rehabilitative industries. Over this time he has worked in various clinical settings and gained valuable knowledge regarding the human frame and therefore appropriate treatment therapies. Jordan practices Myotherapy with a focus on improving your health and wellbeing as quickly as possible. He uses a range of muscular and soft tissue therapies including trigger point, deep tissue, sports massage, relaxation, acupuncture, dry needling, cupping and much more.

Myotherapy Bundoora Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to visit Bundoora Myotherapy today? We attempt to cater for all clients as best as we possibly can. We do offer appointments each day of the week however depending upon availability we may not be able to see you when you need. We encourage you to please contact us via 1300-003-777 to discuss appointment availability. W
  • How does a Bundoora Myotherapy practitioner differ from a standard massage therapist? Myotherapy and massage are very similar professions. The major difference if the amount of education that a Myotherapist undertakes. This gives them a much superior knowledge base and therefore variety of techniques which they can utilize.
  • Do you have a female Bundoora Myotherapist? We understand that your privacy is important and that not everyone is comfortable seeing a male therapist. If this concerns you then please let us know prior to your appointment.

“Seek Pain Relief through an Experienced Myotherapy Provider near Bundoora”

Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to tell exactly where your pain originates? It’s a source of frustration for many. The reality is that an issue in one part of the body may trigger pain in another. This phenomenon can manifest as myofascial pain (a kind of muscular pain) or other chronic pains. One of the best methods for diagnosing and treating these kinds of soft tissue issues is Myotherapy. Bundoora residents in need of a provider can look to Vitality Chiropractic Australia for its team which is led by Jordan Galt. Before you make an appointment, you may be wondering exactly what Myotherapy is? To put it simply, it’s a comprehensive approach that includes many different techniques under one umbrella. Based on the type of pain you experience, our Myotherapist may use remedial massage, hot and cold therapy techniques and much more. This combined approach can be very effective at managing and mitigating certain types of soft tissue pain. Seeking Myotherapy near Bundoora doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Instead, with the streamlined scheduling process and flexible hours of Vitality Chiropractic Australia, you can take the first step towards pain relief. We also provide you with peace of mind through our guarantee of quality treatment. We promise you will always receive thorough, attentive, and concerned care during a session of Myotherapy. To schedule your first appointment is as easy as picking up the phone. Set up an appointment for yourself or a loved one by calling 1300 003 777. We’ll provide you with a range of suitable times, both during the morning, afternoon or evening, because you deserve care when you need it most.