How Can You Purchase A Cervical Denneroll?

Please note: before purchasing a Denneroll it’s important to consult with an appropriate musculoskeletal professional such as a Chiropractor. Vitality Chiropractic Australia continue to provide Denneroll spinal orthotics direct to the public. We ship throughout Australia. ORDERS: Please contact 1300-003-777 & payment is accepted over the phone. Alternatively, email [email protected] for other payment & ordering methods. All orders are shipped the same day. The Cervical Denneroll is $59.00 plus Australia Post standard shipping fee’s ($15.00 Australia wide).

Why Are Cervical Denneroll’s Useful?

Many of us suffer from the effects of poor posture. Individuals more susceptible to developing poor postural habits include those who spend long periods sitting during the day, whether it be behind a computer desk, in the car or on the couch. This is because sitting is not a natural position for our body. We’re designed to be dynamic (moving) and mobile. If you’re suffering forward head posture this can place enormous stress and strain upon the cervical spine (neck) and contribute to problems including chronic neck pain, middle back pain, headaches, tension headaches, muscle tightness and more. An easy management method may be what’s called the Cervical Denneroll. Cervical Denneroll’s are spinal rehabilitation orthotic devices and we will discuss more here.

Cervical spine problems are extremely common within a Chiropractic office and one that more people need to be aware of. As poor posture progresses it contributes to spinal stress and directly influences the natural wellbeing of our body. With regards to the cervical spine it can affect what is referred to as the cervical curvature.

What Is The Cervical Curvature?

The cervical curvature is the normal curve of the neck when it is viewed side on. Typically this is classed as being normal between 35° to 45°. It is not uncommon in clinical practice to see people present with chronic neck issues and for them to have a reversed or reduced cervical lordosis. This means that the curvature has straightened or reversed. This leads to spinal degeneration if not appropriately addressed.

The Cervical Denneroll | How Can It Help Poor Posture & Neck Pain?

The Cervical Denneroll is a specialized spinal orthotic device that’s primarily used to improve the cervical curvature. Watch our Cervical Denneroll video by clicking here. It’s a curved block that you lie on which gently re-aligns the neck and improves overall joint function. The Cervical Denneroll can be quite uncomfortable to begin with, however as the condition of your neck improves it becomes well tolerated. It’s important to follow the specific instructions set out by your Chiropractor or musculoskeletal therapist so you to achieve the best possible results. Cervical Denneroll case studies have demonstrated improvements between 7° to 14° following use. For additional information regarding the Cervical Denneroll please click here.

the cervical denneroll is appropriate for lower, middle and upper neck problems