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  • Welcome to Vitality Chiropractic Australia, we’re proudly Melbourne’s most respected & sought after providers of no fee Department of Veteran Affairs Chiropractic care.
  • LOCATION: We’re conveniently located at 9/7 Development Boulevard, Mill Park (Victoria). Our clinic is easily accessible for all veterans with free onsite secure parking available.
  • TRUST: Hundreds of veterans rely on us each year for prompt and effective musculoskeletal treatment.
  • REPUTATION: We’ve developed a fantastic reputation within the community, doctors and veterans which sees us have the most 5 star Google reviews for Chiropractic treatment.
  • NO GAP FEES: All eligible DVA Chiropractic clients receive no gap consultations fees. We please ask that you bring all necessary paperwork to your initial appointment and your Department of Veteran Affairs Chiropractor will take care of the rest for you.
  • NO PAPERWORK: Your chosen Chiropractor DVA provider will ensure that there is no ongoing paperwork for you to complete.
  • AVAILABILITY: Your Department of Veteran Affairs Chiropractors are available 365 days a year!
  • BOOKINGS: To schedule an appointment please call 1300-003-777. 
Department Of Veteran Affairs Chiropractor

Consult With Your Nearby DVA Chiropractor Today!

Not all Chiropractors accept DVA clients. This means if you’re a Department of Veteran Affairs card holder it’s important to cal the practice which you intend to visit and discuss this with them prior to scheduling an appointment. If you’re a veteran & wondering if you’re eligible to receive DVA assistance then we encourage you to follow the below steps.

  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your problem.
  • If your doctor feels that you’re eligible to receive DVA assistance then request to see a Chiropractor for your treatment.
  • Your doctor will complete all necessary paperwork and give you a referral. Please bring this paperwork to your Chiropractor Department of Veteran Affairs appointment.
  • Call Vitality Chiropractic Australia via 1300-003-777 to schedule an appointment.

Chiropractors That Accept DVA Patients

More doctors in Melbourne refer their patients to the best Department of Veteran Affairs Chiropractors, us of course! Everyday we see DVA patients seeking treatment for musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Some of the most common problems that we manage include:

How Can The DVA Help With Your Treatment?

If you’re suffering from a musculoskeletal injury then Chiropractic treatment may be able to benefit you. Chiropractors assess your joints, muscles and nerves and administer treatment to improve movement, reduce pain and alleviate muscle tightness. If you have an approved Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Gold or White card then the DVA will pay for your Chiropractic services. In order to access this service your must be referred to a DVA Chiropractor by a doctor or medical specialist. Your referral is valid for 12 months. Your Department of Veteran Affairs Chiropractor submit all claims electronically. This means you’re not required to sign for any service and no additional paperwork is required. It’s important to understand that you cannot see a Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Chiropractor at the same time.

Process Of Seeing Chiropractic DVA Providers

When you visit a Chiropractor DVA provider you’ll instantly save money & feel better. We do not charge any gap appointments fees. All you need to do is arrive for your appointment, see your DVA Chiropractic team and get back on your feet.

  • All DVA clients receive a thorough initial consultation so that your practitioner understands your injury or complaint.
  • Following this your DVA Chiropractors will perform an assessment so they can determine a diagnosis.
  • You will be provided with a treatment and rehabilitation plan.

Chiropractor Department Of Veteran Affairs FAQ

  • Can I schedule an appointment with a Department of Veteran Affairs Chiropractor today?
    • We continue to ensure appointments are available for all new clients each and everyday. We do this all year round because it’s important to us that you’re looked after properly. To visit a DVA Chiropractor today please call 1300-003-777.
  • Can I see a Chiropractor DVA provider before seeing my doctor?
    • If you wish to see a Department of Veteran Affairs Chiropractor before seeing your doctor then you’ll have to pay for your appointment privately as majority of our clients do. Alternatively, you can wait until receiving your referral.
  • Do I have to sign anything after my appointments?
    • We submit all DVA claims electronically which means you’re not required to do anything after your Chiropractic appointments.
  • How often can I get treatment?
    • The frequency of treatment that you receive will be determined by your Chiropractor. If your case is serious and requires more frequent management then this will be your recommendation. All recommendations will be based upon your clinical presentation.