Diversified Chiropractic technique is perhaps the most widely used modality across Chiropractors throughout the world. Is it estimated that 96% of Chiropractors use Diversified Chiropractic technique and interestingly it is the only manual technique that is taught to Chiropractors in particular international Universities. Diversified is regarded as the most general manipulative technique as it’s primary goal is to restore normal motion within a respective spinal segment to areas which are deemed as demonstrating signs of dysfunction.

The Early Days Of Diversified Chiropractic Technique

The Diversified Chiropractic technique that we’ve become accustomed to today originally took shape via the 1947 publication “Chiropractic Principles and Technic.” When we consider Diversified, Chiropractor Joe Janse is perhaps the most influential figure that comes to mind. Joe took Chiropractic from a position of an alternative practice to a medical science. Still to this day the exact reference for Diversified is unknown, however many Chiropractors suggest that the name Diversified Chiropractic technique comes from one of Joe’s most famous quotes which states that “no two spines, and their relating lumbosacral and sacroiliac mechanisms are totally alike…  these factors alone make diversification of adjusting procedures imperative.” One of the major criticisms of Diversified Chiropractic technique is that is lacks a distinct philosophical, ideological, or mechanical foundation as compared with other technique systems.

Diversified Technique Application

Diversified Chiropractic technique entails a high velocity, low-amplitude thrust that is delivered by hand and possibly with assistance from a table or block. Typically this results in a joint cavitation. Joint cavitations are the characteristic ‘popping’ sound that Chiropractic clients describe when they receive treatment. Diversified can be applied to any joint of the body and is in fact the primary technique of choice at Vitality Chiropractic Australia. For a comprehensive look at other techniques that our Chiropractor use please click here or learn more about McTimoney technique here.