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How Do You Purchase An OrthoLife Deluxe Water Pillow?
Vitality Chiropractic Australia are proud providers of discounted Chiropractic products direct to the public. We believe that the OrthoLife Deluxe Water Pillow is one of the best Chiropractic water pillows on the market. TO PLACE AN ORDER: Contact 1300-003-777, SMS 0430-530-580 or email [email protected] We’ll forward you an invoice with payment details. Once payment has been confirmed orders are dispatched the same day. The OrthoLife Deluxe Water Pillow is $105.00 plus Australia Post standard shipping fee’s ($20.00 Australia wide) = $125.00
The Importance Of Choosing The Right Pillow
Finding the right pillow can be extremely difficult. We would know, given we deal with this issue nearly everyday in clinical practice. Common signs that you require a new or alternative pillow are headaches, neck pain, spinal discomfort, shoulder tension, difficulty sleeping or an inability to get comfortable while lying in bed. Having a suitable pillow is critically important because it supports normal neck and postural biomechanics, joint wellbeing, prevents abnormal spinal degeneration as well as muscle tightness.
What Is Your Usual Sleeping Position?

We all sleep in different positions and your sleeping position will determine the most appropriate pillow for you. Ask yourself, do I usually sleep on my back, stomach or side?

Back sleepers: it’s recommended that you consider a thin Chiropractic pillow. This will avoid unnecessary forward head position and therefore reduce possible discomfort, strain & tension.
Side sleepers: choose a Chiropractic pillow that is generally thicker and supportive. Your pillow should take up the space between your shoulder, ear and neck. If not, then your pillow is not supporting your neck and upper limb adequately.
Stomach sleepers: while this position is not recommended we understand that it’s a difficult habit to break. I’ve given up attempting to persuade people otherwise, so find a pillow that is similar to that of a back sleeper. This will avoid unnecessary hyperextension of the head and neck.

The OrthoLife Deluxe Water Pillow: Suitable For Any Sleeper

The Chiropractic OrthoLife Deluxe Water Pillow are one of my favourite pillows, and in fact the only pillow that I recommend. The major advantage of these pillows is that you can tailor the pillow to your sleeping style and body shape. You can do this by simply manipulating the amount of water that you put into the pillow. Our advice is that if you’ve tried countless types of pillows and are still searching for the ultimate pillow – then give this a try. I have a feeling that you won’t be disappointed.