Many of the typical aches and pains that we experience can be attributed the poor posture. In fact if I was to sit at the corner cafe over lunch and watch people walk past, I’d be confident that I could pick out some of the common complaints that those individuals suffer just from observing their posture. Postural rehabilitation such as Egoscue is designed to eliminate chronic pain by using stretches and exercise to address spinal dysfunction.

The founding principal of Egoscue is that if a person suffers any form of musculoskeletal related pain that it is the direct result of a lack of postural control. Egoscue method was founded by an anatomical physiologist during the 1970’s and since this time it has widely been administered by exercise and manual therapist professionals. This method suggests that if an individuals head is not appropriately aligned through the centre of their body then they will experience compensatory shifts and changes in weight distribution.

Your Body Is An Interconnected Structure

The human body is designed so that one area influences another. This means that while you may notice discomfort, pain or a specific problem in one area that subsequent problems will likely develop in associated areas if not appropriately addressed. This is where Egoscue method comes into play because it ensures that your body works as a dynamic structure. Common postural issues include changes in the curve of the back and a forward tilt of the hips, which can result in neck, shoulder, back, knee and/or foot pain.

Our Sedentary Lifestyle Means Attending To Your Posture Is Important

As our lives have become more and more reliant on sitting and therefore a sedentary lifestyle it places greater importance on using techniques such as Egoscue to alleviate postural stress. Two of the most common upper-body presentations that we see in clinical Chiropractic practice are individuals with rounded shoulders and forward head tilt.

Start Using Egoscue Method Today

Prior to implementing Egoscue training as part of your rehabilitation it is important seek assessment with a suitably trained musculoskeletal professional such as a Chiropractor. Chiropractors are perhaps the most ideally suited to address postural issues given our focus is upon the spine and its associated structures. Following physical assessment, your practitioner will prescribe specific and individually tailored exercises that are designed to address your specific physical needs. Regular review is provided to ensure proper technique and progression.

What Are The Major Benefits of Egoscue & Other Postural Therapies?

  • Improved posture!
  • Reduced bodily pain, aches and stiffness
  • Enhanced flexibility and mobility
  • Improved athletic performance