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Thank You For Visiting Our Website. We’re A Family Small Business Which Exists To Provide High Quality Pain Relief For The Community. We’re Professional & Experienced TAC Chiropractors & 100% Confident That We’re Suitable For You. We’re Client Focused & Continue To Work Closely With TAC Case Managers. Have A Question? Contact Your Chiro Today.

We Manage 30+ TAC Cases Each Month. Why Do More People Choose Us?

  • UNIQUE: We’re a modern, professional, pain & rehabilitation focused Chiropractor. We do not rush treatment (appointments range from 15 – 45min) because we recognize that you deserve the best care. The Chiropractor that treats you is the business owner & continues to work closely with Transport Accident Commission case managers.
  • REPUTATION: We continue to receive hundreds of referrals each year from Melbourne doctors who understand that we strive for professional & evidence based Chiropractic care.
  • EXPERIENCE: Practitioner experience is paramount. Your TAC Chiropractor has over 10 years experience dealing with injury claims & treatment.
  • SAME DAY TREATMENT: We understand that you want to be seen promptly and therefore continue to ensure guaranteed same day appointments are available for all clients.
  • LOCATION: Your Chiropractor TAC providers are conveniently situated at 9/7 Development Boulevard, Mill Park (3082). We’re approximately 25min north of the Melbourne CBD.
  • NO GAP FEES: When you consult with one of our Chiropractors you won’t be required to pay any fees as we bill TAC directly.
  • AVAILABILITY: You can schedule appointments early morning, late evening & weekends. We also provide home appointments if required.
  • NO PAPERWORK: When you visit us we’ll request that you complete a brief examination form and various outcomes measures which TAC request. We take the hassel out of this for you as we organize everything from start to finsh.
TAC Chiropractor

What To Expect With A TAC Chiropractor

Not all Chiropractors accept people using TAC funded care. The major reason for this is that is can often be stressful dealing with paperwork & clinical supervisers. Vitality Chiropractic Australia continues to have a fantastic working relationship with the Transport Accident Commission.

  • STEP 1: When you initially visit us we’ll request that you provide details regarding your accident (i.e date, what happened, the injuries you sustained and complaints since). This information greatly benefits your Chiropractor in case there is any future correspondence required by TAC. 
  • STEP 2:  You’ll receive a thorough examination which typically involves assessing your posture, movement, muscle strength, dermatomes, neurological & orthopaedic function. Examinations depend upon the exact complaint and region of the body that is affected. 
  • STEP 3: Following your examination the Chiropractor will provide you specific information about what they’ve found as well as the recommended treatment options.
  • STEP 4: If you’re happy to commence Chiropractic treatment then we’ll do so immediately. Typical treatment which you may experience at Vitality Chiropractic Australia includes joint manipulation/mobilisation, massage, needling, stretching, exercises & more. Improvement which our customers usually report following treatment include less pain, better posture, improved movement and reduced stiffness.

Problems Treated By Melbourne Chiropractors TAC

If you’ve experienced a motor vehicle accident than it’s highly likely that you’re suffering from musculoskeletal pain. Some of the most common injuries that your practitioner manages includes:

Process Of Claiming TAC Chiropractic Care

Anyone who has sustained injuries following a motor vehicle, bus, tram, train or motorbike accident is able to submit a TAC claim.  Your incident must be reported to the Police and be lodged within 12 months of your accident. Once you have lodged your claim and it’s approved by the Transport Accident Commission you’ll receive a claim number. We ask that you please bring this number and any other relevant paperwork to your Chiropractic appointment. Our team will take care of the remaining process for you.

For Experienced Chiropractic TAC Care Melbourne Residents Know Who To Contact. Call (24/7): 1300-003-777, Book Online Or SMS 0430-530-580

TAC Chiropractor Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your clinic accept walk-in appointments? All new clients to are asked to please call or schedule an appointment online. While we do accept walk in appointments it will avoid any unnecessary waiting time. If you wish to call please don’t hesitate to contact us via 1300-003-777.
  • Can I see multiple practitioners at once? Under the current TAC guidelines you’re entitled to see one practitioner at a time. This means you may choose to see any approved therapist such as a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Osteopath for your treatment. For a complete list please visit the TAC website.
  • Will there be any out of pockets expenses? We continue to provide all TAC Chiropractor clients with no out of pocket expenses for there appointments.It’s important that you discuss this with any prospective practitioner that you consider seeing before scheduling an appointment.
  • Where is your clinic located? We’re situated within the northern suburbs of Melbourne and is easily accessible for all surrounding residents.