Arm tingling, or tingling noticed in any body part is usually the result of a nerve problem. Although this is the case, there are a range of other problems that may be associated with arm tingling that we will explore today. Tingling is typically associated with symptoms such as burning pain, pins and needles, numbness and muscle weakness.

Tingling Should Be Taken Seriously

Many individuals think problems will just ‘fix themselves’ or ‘go away in time.’ Tingling is an important sign that something is wrong with the body and that it requires attention. While arm tingling may simply be the result of fatigue, muscle spasm or a nutritional deficiency which can be easily managed it is vital to consult with your family physician or musculoskeletal professional to assess whether your issue requires medical attention.

Common Causes Of Arm Tingling

  • Blood circulation issues present as tingling sensations in combination with cold or clammy hands. You may also notice changes in skin texture, tone and dryness. Circulatory problems are usually seen in older individuals due to atherosclerosis and other vascular disorders
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome can be the result of congenital defect, poor posture, abnormal growths or neck muscle spasm. Thoracic outlet syndrome presents as single sided arm pain as well as grip weakness. Thoracic outlet syndrome is particularly common in sporting athletes and is usually easily resolved through conservative management such as massage, Chiropractic and exercises
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome may occur by itself or associated with other health conditions and is often a rather painful problem. Carpal tunnel syndrome leads to significant arm and hand pain, disability, swelling and loss of normal function. Typically the pain is worsened during the night and may wake sufferers at night. It is also extremely common during pregnancy due to fluid retention problems. Depending upon the cause it is usually easily managed through stretches, exercises, Chiropractic and massage. If your carpal tunnel syndrome is the rest of a more structure defect than surgical intervention may be required
  • Heart attack & Stroke are a major problem in modern society. Both problems usually present with left sided arm tingling, chest pain, difficulty breathing, difficulty talking and light-headedness. Lifestyle modification is important to reduce the chance of re-occurrence
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency and other dietary deficiencies can be the result of malabsorption disorders or inadequate nutritional intake
  • Cervical disc injury is an extremely common problem that is encoutered by Chiropractic practitioners. Common causes of cervical disc injury include poor posture, trauma and spinal degeneration. Typical management of these types of injuries includes spinal manipulative therapy, exercise, massage and traction therapy
  • Diabetic neuropathy are a family of nerve problems due to diabetes. Individuals who suffer long term or chronic diabetes can develop neurological damage which presents as arm tingling, pain, numbness or loss of function in all peripheral extremities
  • Cervical spine degenerative change is the result of spinal arthritis which may directly influence the spinal cord, intervertebral disc or exiting spinal nerve