Services – Myotherapy

Myotherapy is a natural, non-invasive physical therapy used by practitioners to assist their clients in the treatment, management or prevention of soft tissue complaints. Myotherapists are much like Remedial Massage therapists, however have greater understanding and knowledge of the human body as well as being certified in a variety of more specialized and specific treatment techniques enabling them to appropriately manage a wide range of clinical problems.

Individuals most commonly seek the help of an appropriately qualified Myotherapist if they’re suffering acute or chronic muscle pain, aches and pains, soft tissue spasm, trigger points, joint stiffness, nerve symptoms (numbness, weakness tingling), rehabilitation of specific sports injuries or for general relaxation and reduction of stress/anxiety/depression. Particular problems that Myotherapy is suitable for include headaches, neck and back pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, postural abnormalities, sciatica, gluteal pain, impingement syndromes and bursitis. If there is a complaint that you’re suffering and we have not listed it here, please call 1300-003-777 to speak with our Myotherapist and Remedial Massage therapists to see if they can assist you.

If you have never visited a Myotherapist you may be wondering how there assessment and treatment differs from a regular Remedial Massage therapist. While Remedial Massage therapists are fantastic for assisting many individuals, Myotherapists perform a more in-depth analysis as well as being equipped with many more treatment tools and techniques. We cannot speak for other soft tissue clinics, however the Myotherapy team at Vitality Chiropractic Australia in Mill Park pride themselves on performing a comprehensive clinical analysis. This analysis not only guides better management but ensures clients needs are placed first and foremost. Typically an assessment will involve a discussion with the practitioner, including reviewing details such as length of complaint, exact location, referral pain patterns as well as aggravating and relieving factors. Following this discussion, your Myotherapist will perform a structured and systematic general body review before advice and appropriate management is discussed. Myotherapists use a range of treatment techniques of which they can individually-tailor to specific clinical diagnoses. Typical therapies include remedial massage, relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, stretching (PIR, PNF), physiological therapeutics (ice, heat, TENS, laser), trigger point therapy, dry needling, acupuncture and myofascial release.

Key Reasons To Consult With A Mill Park Myotherapist

  • We’re one of the longest providers of muscular and soft tissue care in Melbourne with years of professional and clinical experience
  • Our Myotherapy team is led by Jordan Galt who is an award winning practitioner
  • We provide all clients with our “treatment guarantee” that you will receive the most thorough assessment, professional care and excellent experience during your time spent in our practice
  • Vitality Chiropractic Australia has onsite private health insurance claiming services available for all Myotherapy and Remedial Massage clients
  • Our practitioners are available Monday to Saturday to assist you as best as possible with your care

Remedial Massage & Myotherapy Appointment Fee’s

  • 30min Initial Massage Appointment: $30.00
  • 45min Initial Massage Appointment: $45.00
  • 60min Initial Massage Appointment: $50.00
  • 30min Standard Massage Appointment: $45.00
  • 45min Standard Massage Appointment: $65.00
  • 60min Standard Massage Appointment: $80.00