Arthroscopic surgery for knee pain is without doubt one of the most common procedures performed to address particular knee problems. Controversial practitioner, Dr. Joseph Mercola regards them along with “back and hip surgeries, pacemakers, cardiac angioplasties, hysterectomies and C-sections” as one of the most unnecessary procedures. Given this and perhaps your own doctors opinion, should you consider Arthroscopic surgery for knee pain? An arthroscope is a fibre-optic telescope that can be inserted into various joints to assess and treat structural problems. In relation to knee complaints, arthroscopes are considered to assist with:
  • Cartilage (meniscus) tears
  • Removal of floating debri within the knee joint
  • Ligament repair
  • Remove infection
  • General diagnosis

But What Does The Research Tell Us?

Several investigations have questioned the effectiveness and needs for arthroscopic knee surgeries. Of importance is one of the latest findings in Finland which examined 146 patients with degenerative knee complaints (i.e meniscus tears). These individuals were divided across two groups. The first group received standard arthroscopic surgery for knee pain while the other received a ‘placebo’ surgery. After a one year follow up, the overwhelming results of the study were that both groups reported equally favourable responses (i.e reduced pain). Given this strange finding, researchers concluded that arthroscopic surgery was no more effective than sham surgery.

So What’s The Point Of Arthroscopic Surgery For Knee Pain?

So if you’d like to save some money and not go under the knife perhaps its worthwhile considering alternative treatment approaches such as Chiropractic, exercise rehabilitation and nutritional changes to support joint health, strength and flexibility.

Final Thought

While I’m not attempting to persuade anyone away from undertaking such procedures, the research is quite interesting. As I always remind people, surgery should be a final option after you have exhausted all other modalities. For specific advice regarding knee pain please call us today via 1300-003-777.