With the continual developments and improvements in technology its no wonder that Chiropractors are choosing modern treatment techniques. Traditionally, Chiropractors have relied upon spinal manipulative therapy as their primary technique of choice to assist with musculoskeletal related problems. Recently, there has been a shift in emphasis towards instrument adjusting due to the ease of use and highly specific results that they achieve. Today we will be exploring the arthrostim percussion instrument which we regularly use in our Chiropractic office.

The Arthrostim Percussion Instrument

The Arthrostim instrument has a striking resemblance to a drill that it typically used by a tradesman and is equipped with a variety of different shaped head pieces. The unit produces rapid vibration which is suitable for addressing both spinal and soft tissue dysfunction. In comparison to a traditional Chiropractic manipulation, the machine performs a high-velocity and low amplitude motion twelve times per second – much more efficiently than a Chiropractor!

As seen with typical Chiropractic management, the Arthrostim does not produce the usual ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ sound and is therefore quite often the chosen therapy for individuals who prefer a more gentle approach to their care. The instruments rapid movement stimulates sensory nerve receptors which are called proprioceptors which are responsible for detecting motion or the joints and muscles. As well as this, the arthrostim percussion instrument activates mechanoreceptors which assist in overriding pain signals to and from the brain.

Is The Instrument Appropriate For Everyone?

Absolutely. The arthrostim percussion instrument is suitable for all age groups as the force and speed of the unit can be altered.

What Are The Major Benefits?

  • Reducing muscle spasm and tightness
  • Assisting with managing trigger points and myofascial constriction
  • Improving joint function, flexibility and general mobility
  • Fast and efficient care

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