Australia is home to some of the worlds most prestigious Chiropractic education and training programs that produces hundreds of highly skilled and quality practitioners each and every year. That foot print is now growing internationally with practices worldwide seeking out Australian Chiropractors to help develop their clinics reputation and community standing.

Australian Chiropractors Are Leading The Way In London

A group of Australian Chiropractors are leading the pack when it comes to changing attitudes towards Chiropractic care in the United Kingdom. Dr. Craig McLean, along with fellow Aussie Dr. Luke Brady are co-founders of a group of Chiropractic centres throughout London which are focused on bringing health, wellbeing and vitality back to local residents. Dr. Craig and Dr. Luke are extremely passionate about educating people regarding the many benefits of long-term Chiropractic care and demonstrating that it is much more then merely managing Bursitis, Shin splints or Vertigo.

What Challenges Do They Face?

In recent years Australia’s health care system has seen a large emphasis placed on preventative medicine. This is very different to the ‘reactive’ or ‘symptomatic’ approach that has stood firm for many years. One of the biggest challenges that the guys have faced is getting the message across that Chiropractic care goes beyond simply treating pain. “Chiropractic is still a less well known form of preventative healthcare in the UK,” says Dr Craig. “Health care is free for all here which is great but does tend to create a reliance on the system and a tendency to hand over responsibility of taking care of an individual’s health to that system.”

The Australian Flavour

A key component of the way the guys practice is that they have brought a slice of the Australian culture to their clinics. From clinic design to the Australian professionalism that you come to expect when visiting a practitioner at home – it’s all there for the local UK residents.