Chiropractic and massage has gone hand in hand and assisted individuals all over the world for many years. Perhaps the major reason behind this is the fact that Chiropractors appropriate address spinal and joint function while specific massage therapy assists the supporting muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Here we explore more reasons why Chiropractic and massage are so effective when used together.

When people combine Chiropractic and massage therapy they would together simultaneously to create a synergistic effect that results in enhanced healing and therefore recovery time. As well as this, Chiropractors often recommend that people receive a thorough massage prior to a consultation as it allows for an easier spinal adjustment that can often be more comfortable. Therefore it’s easy to see that Chiropractic and massage therapy compliment each other.

Make Sure You See A Practitioner That Incorporates Both

While Chiropractic management alone is extremely effective there is no doubt that when combined with other modalities such as massage and rehabilitative exercise that patient outcomes are far superior. This means that when you see a practitioner it is important to see someone that provides you with a well-rounded and comprehensive approach.

What Types Of Massage Work Well With Chiropractic?

There are literally hundreds of different soft tissue and massage techniques that exist. There’s no clear winner but all massage techniques are appropriate for different clinical presentations. The massage procedures that you can expect with our Myotherapy team include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, dry needling, cupping, acupuncture, stretching and many more.

Our Final Word On Chiropractic And Massage

If you regularly receive Chiropractic and massage therapy there is no consistent rule for when you should do both. It is important to find what is right for you. You may notice greater improvements having a massage before your Chiropractic consultation. Perhaps you prefer to have a relaxing remedial massage afterwards or simply break up your appointments evenly between each other. Discuss these factors and anything else you wish to clarify with your practitioner.