Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners that focus on the diagnosis, management and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. Chiropractic is a modality that emphasizes the important relationship between musculoskeletal disorders and general health and wellbeing. As primary healthcare practitioners we’re required to adhere to strict and extensive educational requirements. Australian Chiropractic programs are available through four of the countries leading University institutions which include RMIT University in Melbourne, Macquarie University in Sydney, Murdoch University in Perth and Central Queensland University in Mackay. All programs are completed over a five year period.

To become a registered Chiropractor in Australia, students must successfully complete five years of study and become registered with both the government and regulated health agency. However, a Chiropractors education never ends. It is important to recognize that after entering practice all practitioners must complete ongoing continuing professional development seminars and courses. This is to maintain clinical skills and remain up to date with the latest health and scientific research. This ensures that the general public receives high quality and professional care.

The Chiropractic Education Program

Chiropractic programs throughout the world focus on human anatomy, physiology, pathology, exercise and nutrition as key elements of the education. Classes are taught through a variety of lectures, seminars, workshops, online readings, practical sessions, laboratory sessions and field trips. In combination with this, Chiropractic students spend years investigating the clinical presentation of conditions, illnesses and diseases in order to accurately diagnose problems and understand the importance of referral in particular cases. Throughout Chiropractic education, students are mentored by professionals to refine and develop treatment techniques. Treatment techniques that are primarily used by Chiropractors include spinal manipulation, joint mobilisation, massage and other soft tissue therapies. Throughout the last two years of the Chiropractic Masters program, students are required to spend time in the hands-on teaching clinic whereby they see members of the general public for appointments. All appointments are fully supervised by Chiropractic mentors to ensure quality. This is a valuable time in a Chiropractic students training.