How Can You Purchase A ChiroFlow Premium Waterbased Pillow?

Vitality Chiropractic Australia continue to provide ChiroFlow Waterbased pillows direct to the public. We do this because we firmly believe that this pillow is one of the best on the market & we use them ourselves. All orders are shipped throughout Australia. PLACE AN ORDER TODAY: Contact 1300-003-777 or SMS 0430-530-580, payment is accepted over the phone or via bank transfer. Orders that are placed before 2pm weekdays are shipped the same day. The ChiroFlow Water based pillow is $105.00 (RRP $140.00) plus Australia Post standard shipping fee’s ($20.00 Australia wide) = $125.00

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Pillow

If you’re like many people who have visited our clinic you’ve tried endless amounts of pillows year in year out only to find their uncomfortable, lack support and wear out quickly. There’s no doubt finding the right pillow can be difficult and it’s extremely important to find a suitable one because it can lead to spinal degeneration and other problems quite quickly. Typical signs that you should invest in a Chiropractic pillow including waking with headaches, neck pain or discomfort, shoulder stiffness and an inability to get comfortable while in bed.

What Is Your Usual Sleeping Position?

Before picking a pillow off the store shelf it is important to identify your particular sleeping style and habits. Are you frequently a back, side or stomach sleeper? These factors will greatly impact the right pillow for you.

  • Back sleepers should use a relatively thin pillow to support the natural C-shape of the cervical spine. A thin pillow ensures that your neck doesn’t undergo hyperextension or hyperflexion
  • Side sleepers require a Chiropractic pillow that is thicker and firmer in order to appropriately position between the neck, head and shoulder. It is important that the height of your pillow allows the neck to remain in a neutral posture
  • Stomach sleepers should look to pillows that are similar to that of back sleepers, essentially one that is thin. While I expect there wouldn’t be a single Chiropractor that would recommend you sleep on stomach, if you must persist with it then do so!

My Favourite Chiropractic Pillow Recommendations

  • Waterbased pillows are without doubt my favourite Chiropractic pillows. They’re fantastic because you can specifically tailor how much support you require by adding or removing water. I know it sounds strange to sleep on a water pillow but I use one, as do the rest of my family!
  • Memory-foam pillows went through quite a period of popularity. While they’re good, personally I think there are better options available. Having said that, they still remain a favourite for many people
  • Gel infused pillows are an excellent choice for stomach and back sleepers. They’re a thinner style pillow which still provide fantastic support