Chiropractic has been a professionally practiced manual therapy for over 100 years. During this time our profession has undergone many changes with some of these due to scientific Chiropractic research setting better standards and discovering new and improved therapies. Here we will explore five important Chiropractic research publications so you can remain at the forefront of Chiropractic information.

Study 1: Benefits of Chiropractic Care demonstrated on MRI

Patients with lower back pain were randomly selected and underwent an MRI scan before and immediately after two weeks of Chiropractic management. It was concluded that spinal manipulative therapy as delivered by Chiropractors is effective in decreasing pain and increasing joint space.

Study 2: Chiropractic As Effective As Epidural For Back Pain

This study compared individuals who received epidural nerve root injections and those who received Chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy. The Chiropractic research demonstrated that there were no difference in favorable outcomes between the two treatments.

Study 3: Chiropractic Research Demonstrates Improved Blood Pressure Following Treatment

While a small sample size, this study examined individuals that were pre-hypertensive and if there was a detectable difference in blood pressure following Chiropractic management. Following the investigation it was demonstrated that a significant different in diastolic blood pressure was evident.

Study 4: Cervical Spine Manipulation Improves Joint Position Sense

This study compared the effects of Chiropractic management and massage versus massage only. It was shown that the combination group demonstrated the greatest improvements in overall cervical spine mobility.

Study 5: Reduced Medical Costs & Hospitalizations With Chiropractic Care

Spectacular decreases in the utilization of medical services was demonstrated across a seven year Chiropractic research study. Specific figures showed decreases of 60.2% in hospital admissions, 59% hospital days, 62% outpatient surgeries and procedures, and 85% pharmaceutical costs when compared with conventional medicine.


Five fantastic Chiropractic research publications highlighting some of the many benefits of Chiropractic care.