For many years now there has been an unfounded rift between Chiropractors and Medical doctors. While this doesn’t apply to all Chiropractors and Medical Doctors it is important to discuss the various reasons for this being the case. This divide has even progressed to the point where clients have a minor understanding that Medical Doctors don’t wish to refer individuals for Chiropractic care. Our clinic is proud of the ongoing relationship that we hold with majority of our local community general practitioners. These relationships have developed through continued respect, trust, understanding and practicing with an evidence-based approach to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes for clients.

In The Not So Distant Past

The American Medical Association (AMA) which is the largest association of physicians in the United States actively conspired to eliminate the Chiropractic profession. The main reason behind this decision was because the Chiropractic profession was their biggest competitor. Even to this day, the medical profession views Chiropractic as an illegitimate practice that is founded on pseudo-science. Throughout 1962 to 1974, the AMA developed a “Commitee on Quackery” which was later exposed by a federal judge as having the sole purpose of conspiring to destroy the profession. This issue was later resolved in 1987 when a group of Chiropractors successfully sued the AMA for violating anti-trust laws.

What Does The Healthcare Industry Look Like Today?

Despite this successful finding for Chiropractors the AMA continues to target certain professions of the natural healing arts. Perhaps the biggest difference between Chiropractors and Medical Doctors is each professional philosophy on patient care. Chiropractic is a preventative and non-invasive approach that focuses on the normal function of the spine, muscular and nervous systems. Chiropractors believe that when these three systems along with other aspects of an individuals health are functioning properly then there should be no reason for that person to develop complaints or illness. We also promote wellbeing through maintenance care. On the opposite side of the spectrum sits the medical profession which views an individual as suffering symptoms. The medical profession aims to remove these symptoms through the use of drugs and surgery which is a highly profitable practice. Unfortunately Medical doctors continue to readily prescribe such approaches without truly understanding the benefit of natural healing arts such as Chiropractic which are less invasive and equally successful.

The Chiropractic ‘Subluxation’

Certain circles of Chiropractors continue to distinguish themselves as solely delivering spinal manipulative therapy to remove spinal ‘subluxations.’ These Chiropractors describe subluxations as a vertebrae out of its normal position which interferes with nervous system function. The medical profession differs again from this stand point and describes a ‘subluxation’ as being a partial joint dislocation.

Chiropractic And Medical Doctor Education

Chiropractors and Medical doctors have vastly different study, training and education. Chiropractic professionals are educated on human anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation, treatment, management and much more. Medical doctors are trained to identify conditions and subsequently administered a pharmacological drug to address the present symptoms. It is important to recognize that this approach does not appropriately address the present complaint but merely removes symptoms.


Unfortunately these differences remain and some Chiropractors and Medical doctors don’t see eye to eye. The most perplexing thing is that given this divide one person suffers the most – and that is the client. Your needs must be placed first and foremost and not a practitioners own belief system. All practitioners must work together to achieve the best outcomes for their clients.