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Searching For Weekend & Emergency Chiropractic Care?

  • Welcome to Vitality Chiropractic Australia, Melbourne’s proud providers of Weekend, After Hours, Home Visit & Emergency Chiropractic treatment. We’re situated in Melbourne’s northern suburbs at 9/7 Development Boulevard, Mill Park (3082).
  • We continue to offer a highly respected and dependable service when other Melbourne Chiropractor’s don’t
  • We understand that seeing a Chiropractor can often be expensive, therefore we guarantee that our fee’s remain more affordable then other providers
  • Since 2013, Melbourne and Victorian residents have relied upon us for care that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Are you unable to travel to our clinic? We will happily travel to you at your most convenient location
  • We can provide complimentary medical certificates that will save you from seeing your family general practitioner
  • All weekend, after hours, home visit and Melbourne emergency Chiropractor appointments are private health insurance claimable
melbourne emergency chiropractor available 24/7

Never Seen A Emergency Chiropractor In Melbourne?

Emergency Chiropractic management is not like visiting a hospital for urgent medical attention. Vitality Chiropractic Australia is delighted to be Melbourne’s preferred providers of professional weekend Chiropractic treatment. We’re just like your everyday Chiropractic clinic, however we pride ourselves on being available when other Chiropractic clinics aren’t! Our clinic is approximately 19km’s north of Melbourne’s CBD. For individuals unable to see us in our clinic we will work with you as best as possible to consult with you at your most convenient location. Following your consultation we will provide you with specific recommendations as well as the best practitioners to see in your local area if you require additional treatment. If you cannot wait to see a practitioner tomorrow then please call now via our 24/7 Weekend, After Hours & Emergency Chiropractor hotline: 1300-003-777.

Melbourne Emergency Chiropractor Available 24/7

You deserve the absolute best care available, no matter what day of the week or time of the day. You can feel assured that Vitality Chiropractic Australia’s team of Chiropractors understand how important it is that you’re seen when you need it most. Our practitioners which are led by the professional and experienced Dr. James Allen are here to assist you around the clock. We’re experienced managing a wide range of musculoskeletal, soft tissue and health-related problems. Many people who’ve seen a Chiropractor before will tell you how it is a fantastic, gentle, safe and effective way of treating common aches, pains and injuries that we may experience during our daily lives. Many people who seek treatment from an emergency Chiropractor in Melbourne are doing so because they simply cannot wait to see their regular practitioner. We quite often see people suffering severe neck & spinal discomfort, sciatica, nerve pain, postural problems, headaches and migraines, sports injuries (sprains and strains), dizziness, rib pain, breathing difficulties and much more!

What Are Your Appointment Fee’s?

We understand that receiving treatment as soon as possible is important for you. Given this, our weekend and Melbourne emergency Chiropractors must perform a brief yet thorough clinical examination first. This allows us to accurately find your problem and discuss with you how we will effectively manage it for you. Following this, professional treatment will be administered. Treatment typically involves some form of spinal manipulation, mobilisation and stretching, soft tissue massage as well as home therapeutic or exercise advice. For all after hours, weekend and emergency Chiropractic appointments we charge a standard flat fee of $150.00. If you’re considering visiting an alternative weekend Chiropractor then we encourage you to discuss fee’s prior to scheduling a consultation with them. We promise that our fee’s are extremely competitive and more affordable then other clinics and it’s just one of the many reasons that Melbourne chooses us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I require a referral to see a Melbourne Emergency Chiropractor?
    • No. Emergency Chiropractors are no different from regular trained Chiropractors. We are regarded as primary health care practitioners which means that people often see us before seeing their family general practitioner.
  • I’m in too much pain to go to work tomorrow, can you give me a medical certificate?

    • Absolutely. Your recovery is just as important as seeking treatment. Our Chiropractors provide same day medical certificates and will assist you with written employer letters if necessary.
  • I’m not sure if I can get to your clinic, will you come to me?
    • In special circumstances our Chiropractors will provide home visits around Melbourne. Please let us know before scheduling an appointment so that we can leave ample travel time. See why more people trust as their preferred choice for an emergency Chiropractor in Melbourne by reading our various positive online Google reviews.
  • Can you contact my regular practitioner so they understand what treatment has taken place?

    • If you have a regular practitioner that you usually see then we will provide treatment notes so they understand what has taken place. In circumstances that you don’t have a practitioner to follow up with, we will happily work with you to find the most suitable practitioner in your local area.
  • Do I require an appointment or can I just walk-in?

    • All appointments with your Melbourne Sunday Chiropractor must be pre-booked. This is important because we like to establish if we’re the right practitioner for you and if not we can refer you before you visit our clinic.
  • Will I need X-rays or additional imaging before treatment?
    • In majority of cases no additional imaging is required prior to treatment. However, in certain cases further assessment such as X-ray, MRI or CT may be suggested by your Chiropractor. Our clinic is fitted with the lastest diagnostic X-ray equipment for your convenience. If MRI or CT is clinically indicated we can refer you to the nearest department.
  • Are after hours or emergency weekend Chiropractic appointments more expensive?

    • For all out of standard clinical hours appointments we do charge an additional fee, this includes after hours, weekends, public holidays and home visit consultations. For specific appointment fee’s please contact us via 1300-003-777.
  • How long have you been providing emergency weekend Chiropractic care?
    • Vitality Chiropractic Australia has proudly been providing Melbourne residents with Chiropractic care since 2013.