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Thank You For Visiting Our Website. We’re A Family Business That Exists To Provide Quality Pain Relief For The Community. We Aren’t Sales People, We’re Just Good Practitioners Providing Great Treatment. Proudly Boasting The #1 Reputation In Epping We’re Located Off Plenty Rd Near Westfield. Do You Have A Question? Speak To The Chiropractor Today.

Are You Searching For A New Local Chiropractor? Choose Wisely

  • UNIQUE: We’re a modern, pain relief & sports injury focused Chiropractor. We exist to benefit the community and ensure customers receive the care that they deserve (appointments range from 15 – 45min). The Chiropractor that treats you is the owner of the business & he’s dedicated to achieving your satisfaction. His qualified in therapies including Chiropractic, Massage, Dry Needling, Acupuncture, Exercise rehabilitation & more.
  • REPUTATION: We’re elated that Epping (3076) families rate our care highly. This is demonstrated by us having the most 5 star reviews in the northern suburbs. 
  • APPOINTMENTS & TREATMENT: We’re busy because local families trust our practitioners. We consult with ~10 to 15 first time customers each week. Your Chiropractor Epping providers are here for you when others are closed. Standard business hours are 8:30am – 7:00pm however please don’t hesitate to contact us 24/7. We promise that all clients receive same day treatment.
  • EXPERIENCE: Your Epping Chiropractor has been treating the public for over a decade & has extensive knowledge and rapor with the local community.
  • LOCATION: It’s never enjoyable being stuck in traffic. We’re situated approximately 10 minutes from the center of Epping which means we’re within close proximity for all residents.
  • AFFORDABLE: There’s only so far you can stretch your budget. It’s our promise that our fees remain below national average and the most affordable in the area.
  • SAFE ONLINE BOOKINGS: Our secure booking software allows customers to schedule an appointment that suits them without speaking to a receptionist. Simply enter your details, reserve your time and you’ll receive a confirmation email. No payment is required.
Chiropractor Epping

Who Are We?

Vitality Chiropractic Australia is a family run business that cares for each & every one of our customers. After spending more then a decade in business we understand what the local community wants. You’re searching for a therapist that treats you as an individual & someone who respects you. We have thousands of clients who visit us for professional pain relief when required. We don’t make you come back for treatment when you’re feeling good. We know each of our clients by first name because we take an active interest in their life & wellbeing. We have state of the art facilities and remain at the cutting edge of the latest medical studies to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. Your Chiropractor is James Allen, he was born & raised in the northern suburbs and after spending a few years away he couldn’t wait to return to his home area. He’s a family man, married in 2015 and father of two young boys who support the Carlton Football Club (some may say unfortunately). You may see them running through the clinic from time to time. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the community as the best local Epping Chiropractors.

Problems Managed By Epping Chiropractors

People choose to see Chiropractors for a variety of reasons. Some of these include to get out pain, improve general function or maintain spinal wellbeing. Vitality Chiropractic Australia has been providing Epping Chiropractic care for over a decade. Your Chiropractor Epping service providers are fortunate to be regarded as one of the local premier Chiropractic, rehabilitation and wellness clinics with many elite level athletes seeking our help. Some of the more common reasons why people visit our clinic include (if you’re problem is not listed and you would like to speak to a Chiropractor please call us):

Epping Chiro: Would You Settle For 2nd Best?

Is it your first time visiting a Chiropractor? If so, you may questions regarding how Chiropractors treat people, what’s involved during an examination and how often you have to go. Don’t worry – you’re not alone with questions like these!

  • STEP 1: Your Chiropractor in Epping will begin your consultation by conducting a spinal & extremity examination. This is a thorough assessment involving various procedures so we can determine an appropriate diagnosis for your complaint. Typical assessment includes posture, joint range of motion, muscle strength testing, neurological & orthopaedic tests. This examination is completed fully clothed for your comfort & confidence in our practitioner professionalism.
  • STEP 2: Once your examination is completed your Chiropractor will discuss all important clinical findings, diagnosis, best treatment strategies & prognosis.
  • STEP 3: If Chiropractic treatment is able to assist you and you wish to start treatment immediately then we’ll do so. While treatment may vary depending upon which practitioner you see, our Chiropractors are trained in techniques such as joint manipulation/mobilisation, massage, dry needling, stretching & exercise rehabilitation and much more. This means we can tailor the treatment to your complaint. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied that you’ve chosen the right Chiropractors. You’ll leave our consulting rooms happy & we hope comfortable refering your friends & family.

Chiropractor Epping Victoria Fee’s

We understand that the modern lifestyle such as looking after the kids, paying off a mortgage and simply just getting by can be tough. Given this, we proudly continue to provide Epping Chiropractor services that are significantly more affordable then other clinics.

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION (EXAM ONLY: 30min): $39.00. This appointment is suitable for customers who want an assessment without the need of committing to treatment. 
  • INITIAL CONSULTATION (EXAM & TREATMENT: 30 – 45min): $85.00. (Northern suburb average is $85.00 – $120.00). This is the most common choice by new clients.
  • REPORT OF FINDINGS CONSULTATION & TREATMENT (IF REQUIRED: 30min): $85.00. From time to time your Chiropractor may recommend a longer consultation following your initial appointment. This may be to discuss clinical findings, review exercises or other important management plan particulars.
  • STANDARD CONSULTATION (10 – 15min): $58.00 (Northern suburb average is $58.00 – $65.00). Our customers love the fact that we don’t rush treatment.
  • EXTENDED CONSULTATION (20 – 30min): $72.00. We’re yet to see two people the same. This means if you required additional treatment time then you should receive it.

We Don’t Hope That You Love Our Service, We Expect It. For Appointments Call 1300-003-777, SMS 0430-530-580 Or Book Online.

Chiropractor Epping 3076 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your standard open hours? Vitality Chiropractic Australia proudly provides Chiropractic appointments throughout the day as well as weekends. Our standard clinic open hours are Monday to Thursday (10:00am – 7:00pm), Friday (9:00am – 1:00pm) and Saturday (8:30am – 12:30pm). However, we’re available 24/7 if you wish to speak directly with your Epping Chiropractor. Appointments by request are available outside of usual clinic hours in special circumstances.
  • Is your Chiropractic office able to process my private health insurance? Yes. We accept all private health insurances via our onsite HICAP’s terminal.
  • I recently saw another Chiropractor in Epping who made me have X-rays. Do I need to do this again when I see you? While our clinic is fortunate to be equipped with the latest digital X-ray facilities we do not & will never coerce or unnecessarily recommend imaging. On occasion your Chiropractor may recommend spinal or extremity imaging if it’s clinical indicated. If you have previous scans we encourage all clients to please bring these along to your consultation.
  • Can I contact you after hours? Our clinic’s phone is available 24/7 – and we mean it! We encourage all prospective & returning customers to make use of this service whenever required. This is just one of the reasons why we’re the preferred choice for Epping Chiropractic care. Alternatively, please see our many fantastic Google reviews which highlight our professional & caring approach.
  • What techniques do your Chiropractors perform? Chiropractors are trained in a variety of techniques and unfortunately no two practitioners are the same, so it can make finding the right therapist difficult. Your Chiropractor Epping practitioner is James Allen, he performs manual Chiropractic joint manipulation/mobilisation, soft tissue massage therapy, dry needling, exercise rehabilitation & much more. You can visit our website for a complete list of techniques which James is qualified in.
  • Epping suburb profile information: Epping is approximately 20 kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD. It’s local goverment is the City of Whittlesea and is recognized as one of Melbourne’s fastest growing populations. Recent estimates believed that Epping had a population of 32,000 people. Epping is surrounded by suburbs including Mill Park, Lalor, South Morang & Wollert. Epping is known for its busy traffic through McDonalds Road & High Street. Epping is home to one of the largest shopping facilities called Pacific Epping. Traveling to Epping is easy via the Mernda Railway line which previously terminated at Epping station.

“Did you know that Chiropractors near Epping can help with chronic pain?”

The complex nature of chronic pain is just one part of what makes it difficult to treat. For those with daily discomfort due to chronic issues, the pain is nothing short of exhausting. However, that doesn’t mean you have to feel discouraged. Instead, the experienced and highly professional team at Vitality Chiropractic Australia are ready to help you fight back against those feelings and take control of your life again. Our fully equipped and extremely modern clinic provides Chiropractors for Epping residents, making quality care conveniently close.

Chronic pain can originate from many points in the body, so we work to determine both the source and the cause of your pain. Whether it stems from poor posture, an improperly healed exercise injury or something else, our evidence based approach to Chiropractic treatment has proved highly effective for many clients. Under the direction of our founder Dr James Allen (Chiropractor), we ensure high-quality care is our hallmark.

Following your examination and assessment, if we determine another practitioner would be a better fit for your treatment, such as a Physiotherapist, we can easily provide you with an excellent recommendation. Ultimately, our goal is to see your comfort level improved, whether that’s here at our clinic or elsewhere. We put your needs first and foremost. That’s also why we’ve filled our clinic with cutting edge equipment.

Coming to visit our Chiropractors in Epping is easy. We’re located nearby in Mill Park. Our treatment rooms are readily available for all Epping residents. Flexible scheduling choices mean you don’t need to take time away from work to care for your problem. You can book your appointment with Vitality Chiropractic Australia online through our scheduling software, or ring our offices on 1300 003 777.