I often ask patients that visit my practice “what is your health philosophy?” Only to get that ‘deer in the head-lights’ look. Most of us have never taken the time to consciously develop our personal health philosophy. So lets explore what your health philosophy might entail and kick start you onto a life of greater fulfillment and wellbeing. 

What Is Philosophy?

Philosophy can and should be extremely practical. It involves answering three questions:

  • What do I believe?
  • How do I know?
  • What am I going to do about it?

Why Is Implementing A Health Philosophy So Important?

Your health philosophy is important because it guides every health decision you ever make. You may not realize it but the only question is whether you consciously develop it through careful thought and deliberation or if you unconsciously accepted someone elses philosophy without any thought at all.

But Where Do I Begin?

The first step in consciously defining your health philosophy is to decide who is responsible for your health. Do you believe that your health care is the responsibility of the government, an insurance company or your doctor? Or, do you believe that YOU are responsible for your health? If you’ve decided that you’re the sole responsibility for your health you need to take it a step further and determine if you view yourself through a mechanistic or vitalistic window. Do you believe that you are the sum of your individual parts much like a very complex machine? If so, you have a mechanistic philosophy. Do you believe that you are made up of more than the sum of your parts, that there is an intangible intelligence or life-force present within? If so, you have a vitalistic philosophy.

Where Does Chiropractic Sit In This Domain?

Chiropractors promote a preventative and maintenance lifestyle that encompasses a comprehensive view of your health. Do you believe that health comes from the outside and to function normally you need something to be added to (drugs) or taken away (surgery) from your body? Or do you believe that health naturally comes from within and that you are programmed for normal function? Asking quality questions about your beliefs, as outlined above, are just the start of the process of determining your full heath philosophy. I encourage you to consider these aspects to develop a rock-solid foundation on which you can pro-actively take responsibility and congruently drive your health care choices and actions. Also, be sure to choose health care providers that share in and respect your health philosophy.