Chiropractic is a preventative and non-invasive heath care approach in which clinicians practice with varying philosophies and techniques making it challenging to find a practitioner who is suitable for your goals and physical needs. Here you will discover the key questions you should ask next time so you know how to find a good Chiropractor.

Do you own research

  • Perhaps the easiest way to find Chiropractors these days is to conduct a Google or Bing search for a Chiropractor in your local area. This will display numerous results which you must sift through. Open the top selections and thoroughly read through the content on their webpages. You can find helpful information about the clinic, the practitioners, qualifications, specialties and special interests, open hours, techniques that practitioners are certified in and other special offers. Create a list that compares all practices and choose the most suitable clinic that meets your needs.


  • In order to find a good Chiropractor it is important to differentiate practitioner qualifications. Although Chiropractors are tertiary qualified professionals there are various post-graduate courses and qualifications that can lead them to be experts in niche markets and particular fields. Two primary examples of these fields include sports treatment and paediatric care. To check if a Chiropractor has completed additional post-graduate training you should contact the clinic or complete a practitioner search via the Chiropractic Board of Australia website.


  • Everyone has an opinion these days and we all want that opinion heard by the masses! There are many websites that allow users to review a business, some of these include Yelp, Truelocal and Google. These are the trusted opinions of other customers and should place a large emphasis on assisting you make a decision regarding which Chiropractor to select for your care.


  • It’s simple – if we can’t build rapport with someone quickly the chances of either liking this person or remaining friends are slim. If your Chiropractor doesn’t make you feel comfortable, makes you feel rushed, doesn’t listen to your questions/queries, doesn’t treat you with respect and extreme professionalism then it’s time to find someone else!

Technique types

  • Thoroughly read and learn about common Chiropractic techniques before making an appointment with a practitioner. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different treatment techniques ranging from traditional manual joint manipulation, gentle mobilisation, stretching, massage and soft tissue release, upper cervical Chiropractic care, Activator methods, NUCCA, Sacro-occipital technique, Applied Kinesiology and more. Learn what techniques you feel more comfortable with and discuss these with your Chiropractor.

Recommendation via family & friends

  • Always consult with family, friends and loved ones to see if they have experience with suitable Chiropractors in your local area. If you receive a positive recommendation, you’re already half way there to finding a good Chiropractor. Good topical points to discuss include: how long are appointments, do you feel rushed when seeing them, do they stock additional products to assist treatment, are appointments fairly priced.

Professional suggestions

  • Another place to find a good Chiropractor is to seek assistance from your trusted family physician who would’ve dealt with many practitioners throughout their professional career.