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  • Welcome to Vitality Chiropractic Australia, the most highly regarded & reputable providers of professional Chiropractic care for residents & employees in Mernda.
  • REPUTATION: We’re regarded as the best Chiropractic clinic in the local area because we have the most 5 star reviews.
  • EXPERIENCE: Your Chiropractor Mernda team have over 10 years of clinical experience working with elite athletes in the AFL as well as private practice.
  • GUARANTEED APPOINTMENTS: We don’t believe that anyone should wait to see a Chiropractor so we happily ensure that everyone receives same day appointments, treatment & advice.
  • LOCATION: Your Chiropractor Mernda service providers are conveniently situated near Mernda and we’ve included directions below.
  • AFFORDABLE: We continue to ensure that everyone has access to the cheapest Chiropractic care in the local area.
  • PRIVATE HEALTH: We have onsite private health insurance claiming facilities so you can claim your rebate immediately.
  • MEDICARE BULK BILLING: If you’ve received a care plan from your doctor then you can use this with your Chiropractor.
Chiropractor Mernda

Mernda Chiropractor Treatment

People choose to see Chiropractors for many reasons. Perhaps you spend long periods of time sitting at a desk or in the car and are suffering pain associated with poor posture. Maybe you experience regular tension headaches or you’ve been told that Chiropractic management may be able to help another issue which you’re putting up with. Below you will see a list of the common reasons why people choose to see Mernda Chiropractors.

Chiropractor In Mernda Appointment Fees

Have you found that Chiropractors and other therapists weren’t willing to discuss their fees with you? We can’t think of anything worse and that’s why we’re completely upfront and honest with our appointments fees. This is another reason why Mernda residents enjoy visiting our clinic.

  • Initial Chiropractic Consultation (examination only): $47.00
  • Initial Chiropractic Consultation & Treatment: $85.00 (Northern suburb average is $85.00 – $120.00)
  • Report Of Findings Consultation & Treatment (if required): $85.00
  • Standard Chiropractic Consultation: $58.00 (Northern suburb average is $58.00 – $65.00)
  • Extended Chiropractic Consultation: $72.00 (for individuals who require additional treatment time)

Why Are We Better Then Other Mernda Chiropractors?

Vitality Chiropractic Australia is locally renowned for providing the highest-quality Chiropractic care for Mernda and surrounding residents. We regularly see children, mums, dads, amateur and elite sports athletes as well as the elderly visit our clinic because they’ve been referred by a friend, family member or their doctor. In 2016 we proudly received a Service Award for our care of the local community. When you visit your Chiropractor Mernda service providers you can expect to receive the best Chiropractic care available. We deliver this promise through our state of the art office that other clinics envy. Chiropractic techniques which you can expect to receive with us include traditional manual adjusting (Diversified and Gonstead), gentle Activator methods, Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Sacro-occipital technique (SOT), Applied Kinesiology (AK) and CBP.

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Chiropractor Mernda Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Chiropractors accept Medicare as payment?

    • If you’ve received an approved care plan from your doctor then please bring this paperwork along to your Chiropractic appointment. We’re able to use this so that you receive medicare bulk billed Chiropractic treatment. Medicare care plans entitle you to receive up to five Chiropractic appointments each year.
  • Should I call or schedule my appointments online?

    • We encourage all new and returning clients to make the most of our online booking software. This is another reason why we’re the preferred Chiropractor Mernda service providers for many residents.
  • Do I have to get undressed when I see a Chiropractor?

    • We respect your privacy and don’t need you to get undressed.
  • I wasn’t happy with the last Chiropractor in Mernda that I saw, are we able to have my files sent to you instead?

    • We understand that sometimes you have a bad experience when you visit a therapist. When we’re faced with these circumstances it’s in our experience that the best option is to speak with your previous Mernda Chiropractor and request to obtain your clinical file and treatment notes. We can then include this in your file at our clinic.
  • What is the best way to travel to your clinic from Mernda?
    • Follow Plenty Road and continue past the Commercial Hotel at the Gorge Road intersection. At the next intersection turn left onto Development Boulevard. Our consulting rooms are on the right hand side. Our clinic has sufficient onsite and street parking available at all times during the day.