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We’re Extremely Proud Of The Reputation That We’ve Developed Over The Last Decade. Professional & Experienced Chiropractors Without Sales Tricks. We Wish To Offer All New Customers A $79 (Usually $105) 1st Appt.

  • WHO ARE WE? A modern local Chiropractor focused on customer satisfaction & pain relief. Our customers receive care that they deserve (appointments range from 15 – 45min). The Chiropractor that greets & treats you is the owner of the business. For over 10 years his been qualified in Chiropractic, Massage, Dry Needling, Exercise rehabilitation & more.
  • LOCATION: Your Chiropractic Mill Park clinic is conveniently located at 9/7 Development Boulevard, Mill Park (3082).
  • MINDSET: In contrast to other Chiropractors we have a modern outlook & therefore don’t recommend long treatment plans, expensive treatment or quick “crack-only” type appointments.
  • REPUTATION: We’re honored & proud that Mill Park and surrounding families have chosen us as their preferred Chiropractor by giving us the most 5 star Mill Park Chiropractic reviews.
  • APPOINTMENTS & TREATMENT: We’re here for you when you need us. Appointments are available early morning, late night & weekends (all year round). Business hours are 8:30am – 7:00pm however please contact us 24/7. We provide all clients with guaranteed same day appointments & treatment.
  • EXPERIENCE: Be confident that you’re in the right place. Your therapist was previously an AFL Strength & Rehab coach before opening Vitality Chiropractic Australia.

What To Expect At Chiropractic Mill Park

  • STEP 1: Your Chiropractor will sit down & discuss why you’ve decided to visit our clinic. You’ll discuss your complaint (where is the pain, how bad is it, how did it start, have you had it before, does anything make it better/worse, have you had previous treatment?), how it’s effecting your life and your goals from treatment.
  • STEP 2: Following this discussion you’ll receive a thorough physical examination. This assessment will typically exam your posture, joint movement, muscle strength, neurological function & orthopaedic tests will be conducted. This allows your practitioner to conclude an appropriate diagnosis of your complaint.
  • STEP 3: Your Chiropractor will discuss all necessary findings, your diagnosis, the best treatment strategies & prognosis. This ensures you have all the important information on hand to make an informed decision about your problem.
  • STEP 4: If Chiropractic treatment is able to assist you and you want to commence treatment immediately we’ll do so. Chiropractic treatment usually involves joint manipulation/mobilisation, massage, stretching, dry needling & exercise advice. Given no two people are the same we tailor treatment techniques to your complaint to assist you with prompt pain relief. We expect that you’ll leave our consulting rooms absolutely satisfied that you’ve made the right choice. We hope that you’ll contact your family & friends informing them that you’ve found a really good Chiropactor in Mill Park!

Mill Park Chiropractor Appointment Fees

We understand that seeing a practitioner can sometimes hit your hip pocket. Our clinic operates differently to many and is therefore able to provide more affordable treatment and longer consultation times. This means you receive comprehensive management for a better price.

  • INITIAL CHIROPRACTIC CONSULTATION (EXAMINATION & TREATMENT: 30 – 45min): $105. All new customers to our office are required to complete this appointment. This allows us to gain a thorough understanding about your issue and treatment needs.
  • STANDARD CHIROPRACTIC CONSULTATION (<15min): $62. Treatment which you may experience from a Chiropractor includes joint manipulation/mobilisation, massage, needling, stretching & more. Our customers love that we’re unhurried and take the necessary time to get you feeling better.
  • EXTENDED CHIROPRACTIC CONSULTATION (>15min): $76. Suitable for customers who have more complex problems are require additional treatment time.

Chiropractor In Mill Park Pain Relief

When you think of Chiropractic care you imagine a therapist “cracking someones back.” While this certainly provides a snapshot of what a Chiropractor does there is much more to manipulation and treatment which Chiropractors provide. I hope we’ve demonstrated the many reasons why many people choose us as their preferred Mill Park Chiropractors. We see people from all walks of life, suffering from all sorts of problems. Your trusted Chiropractor Mill Park provider has over 8 years of University study and now 13 years of professional and clinical experience. We’re trained to identify, diagnose and manage musculoskeletal problems such as:

Vitality Chiropractic Australia Mill Park

We’re proudly a family run business that has been providing the highest quality of Chiropractic & associated musculoskeletal treatment for many years. We consider ourselves fortunate to be relied upon, not only by Mill Park residents but many surrounding suburbs too. We’ve acheived our standing within the community by striving for professionalism, a caring attitude & genuinely understanding our clients needs & desires. We get to know our clients on a personal level, we call you by your first name and have great respect for you. As Chiropractors we continue to maintain high professional standards through ongoing clinical education. This ensures we remain at the forefront of available research & treatment strategies. If you’re like the thousands of people who visit us each year, you’ll immediately sense our commitment to your management & satisfaction. This all happens in a clinic which has been created to have a relaxed and unhurried vibe. There are no recipes when it comes to musculoskeletal care because no two individuals are the same. Your Mill Park Chiropractor is James Allen, a graduate of RMIT University in Bundoora. He was born & raised in the northern suburbs. Now married with two young boys who both love to run, jump, kick the Football and from time to time help Dad “fix backs.”

If You Want To Be Treated As An Individual & Not Just A Number. Call (24/7) 1300-003-777, SMS 0430-530-580, Book Online Or Email [email protected].

Chiropractor Mill Park

Chiropractor Mill Park 3082 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you able to get my file sent across from another Mill Park Chiropractor that I’ve previously seen? Due to patient confidentiality laws we ask that you contact your previous Chiropractors in Mill Park and request to pass your information through to us. They’re able to do this via email: [email protected]
  • How can I schedule an appointment online? All clients who visit Vitality Chiropractic Australia have the option of schedule an initial or standard Chiropractic appointment online. Please click the “Book Online” or “Make An Appointment” buttons above. Follow the prompts to choose your preferred day, time and finally enter your relevant personal details. It should take no longer then a few minutes and you’ll receive a confirmation email if done correctly.
  • Do you offer other services as well as Chiropractic? Yes. Your Chiropractor Mill Park providers are qualified in Massage, Dry Needling and Exercise rehabilitation. If you would like a dedicated soft tissue massage we also have onsite therapists to assist you whenever required.
  • Do you know other Chiropractors in Mill Park Victoria? We have a fantastic reputation in Mill Park, not only with residents but also other health professionals such as Chiropractors, Myotherapist’s, Remedial Massage therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapist’s, doctors and more. For a complete list of surrounding clinics please visit Yelp, Yellow Pages or the Human Services Directory.
  • How can I travel to your clinic in my car? Head west along Child’s Road towards Plenty Road. Turn left onto Plenty Road and continue to 2.0km until you reach Hungry Jacks & Bunnings Warehouse at the intersection before Gorge Road. Turn right onto Development Boulevard and continue for 200 metres. On your right hand side you’ll notice the “Chiropractor” sign just passed Rivergum Shopping Village.
  • Can I reach your clinic by public transport? Mill Park to South Morang buses included Route 572 and 562. Both are direct and avoid unwanted traffic. Depart both services at Plenty Road and make your way across Development Boulevard to our clinic. For additional information regarding appropriate public transport please visit Public Transport Victoria by clicking here.
  • Mill Park suburb profile information: Mill Park is approximately 19 kilometres north east of the Melbourne CBD. Mill Park is called home by nearly 30,000 people and interestingly recent estimates suggest it’s one of the few suburbs in Melbourne with a declining population. It’s believed that many local residents are moving further north as more affordable housing becomes available. The most common cultures in Mill Park are Australian, English, Macedonian & Italian.

“Vitality Chiropractic Australia: Your Professional Local Chiropractors in Mill Park”

No matter what type of medical treatment you seek out, your comfort and well-being should always be the number one priority. As the premier and most sought after Chiropractors in Mill Park, Vitality Chiropractic Australia puts you at the center of our clinic’s philosophy. We aim not only to administer a high standard of Chiropractic care for every client, but also to put a real focus on comfort as well. The years of extensive training undertaken by leading practitioner, Dr James Allen, is just one of the ways we ensure that we deliver one our promise of high quality treatment.

Another way that we strive to be the most convenient Chiropractors for Mill Park is in the setup of our clinic. Our clinic is highly modern, fitted out with up-to-date reliable diagnostic equipment and cutting edge technology. Every treatment room features the superior comfort of Chiropractic tables by OMNI. These are industry recognized as the most professional tables. In combination with this, our onsite X-ray processing allows us to take a deeper look with ease and without delaying your treatment unnecessarily. We even provide complimentary usage of our HICAP’s machine so that you can claim your appointments through private health insurance right away.

Behind all this, is the experience of Dr James Allen (Chiropractor) and his commitment ongoing to client satisfaction. Our team works tirelessly to coordinate and deliver the highest standard of care to every individual. We hope that you will choose us as your preferred Chiropractors in Mill Park like many other local residents. Appointments are available throughout the working week as well as weekends and after hours. If you would like to see what appointment times we have available over the coming days or weeks, feel free to use our sophisticated online booking software. Alternatively, get in touch with a practitioner today by phoning 1300-003-777.