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Why Does Melbourne Rely On Us For After Hours Chiropractic?

  • At Vitality Chiropractic Australia we understand that some problems just can’t wait until tomorrow!
  • We proudly provide guaranteed after hours appointments so you don’t have to wait for to be seen
  • We’re proudly the most sought after providers of After Hours Chiropractic treatment since 2013
  • If you would like to consult with us in our clinic, we’re conveniently located at 9/7 Development Boulevard, Mill Park (VIC) which is approximately 25-minutes north of the Melbourne CBD
  • Alternatively, if you would prefer for an After Hours Chiropractor to visit you, we’ll happily travel and see you as promptly as possible
  • Melbourne’s respected emergency & after hours Chiropractic service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

After Hours Chiropractic Services

  • 24/7 After Hours Chiropractic & Emergency telephone hotline (Call: 1300-003-777)
  • Weekday & Weekend After Hours Chiropractic Consultations
  • Home Visit & Mobile Chiropractic Appointments
  • Public Holiday Chiropractic care all year round (Easter, Christmas, New Years and more)
  • Complimentary Medical Certificates if clinically necessary
after hours chiropractor available 24/7

Experienced On-Call Chiropractors Are A Phone Call Away!

It is our aim to consult with all after hours Chiropractic appointments and emergency cases within an hour of you contacting us. However, of course this depends on various factors such as your location, time of the day and whether our practitioners are already scheduled for appointments. But you can be assured we will do our utmost best to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible. We understand that being in pain is never enjoyable and ensure that you receive a comprehensive examination and analysis before any treatment is administered.

Never Seen An After Hours Chiropractor Before?

Chiropractic management is a fantastic gentle, non-invasive therapy for many musculoskeletal related problems. If you’ve never seen a Chiropractor before you may be wondering what types of problems we regularly see. Most commonly people seek our care for acute as well as moderate to severe complaints that can’t possibly wait for the morning. It’s during these times that prompt assessment and treatment is necessary.

What Are You Suffering?

We see a variety of clinical complaints in our after hours Chiropractic clinic in Melbourne, some of these include:

Our After Hours Chiropractors have fantastic relationships with many surrounding on-call GP’s so if your complaint is better suited being managed alternatively we can promptly refer you.

What Should You Expect With Us?

Firstly, you should expect to be taken care of like you’re a member of our own family. All clients who consult with our after hours Chiropractors will be seen promptly and provided with a caring, experienced and professional therapist. We understand that you’re in pain and are seeking treatment quickly, however it is important for us to discuss with you your problem first. Following this, we will perform a clinical examination that includes all necessary tests. We will discuss with you what your current problem is as well as how we will manage it straight away. Following this all clients receive appropriate home advice.

What If I Should Go To Hospital Instead?

You may be sitting at home wondering whether a Chiropractor can assist you and if not perhaps you should go straight to the hospital? We see this on a nightly basis, so you’re not alone! We encourage you to call us anytime of the day and night and we will happily discuss with you your presenting problem and what the most suitable options for you are. Our phone lines are staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, all year round including Public Holidays, Saturday’s, Sunday’s, Christmas & New Years. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. James Allen, your after hours Chiropractor in Melbourne via 1300-003-777.

Do You Have A Question? See Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I require a referral to see a Chiropractor?
    • No you don’t. Chiropractors are regarded as primary health care practitioners which means quite often people consult with us prior to seeing there own family doctor or general practitioner (GP). Chiropractors are able to diagnose musculoskeletal related problems effectively and administered treatment immediately. Having said that, we will regularly contact your regular general practitioner if we feel it is necessary and if you consent for us to do so.
  • I have a regular Chiropractor / Physiotherapist / Osteopath that I see, will you discuss my case with them?
    • Absolutely. It is important for your regular practitioner to understand what treatment has taken place and how this may impact your immediate care with them.
  • Will Chiropractic management fix my current problem?
    • Like with all musculoskeletal problems it is very rare that you will be completely healed after one appointment. Although this is the case you will most likely see immediate improvements in pain, general mobility and posture just to name a few. It is important that you put into place the recommendations suggested by your after hours Chiropractor in order for you to recover as quickly as possible.
  • I’ve never seen a Chiropractor before, what does treatment involve?
    • Treatment with a Chiropractor typically involves spinal manipulation (adjustments), spinal mobilisation (gentle stretching) and soft tissue massage, exercise and general lifestyle advice. Some Chiropractors are also trained in modalities such as dry needling, acupuncture and taping.

Please Help Us

To make your time with us a little easier, we ask that if you have access to a printer to please complete our ‘Initial Chiropractic Assessment Form’ which is attached. This information will greatly assist your after hours Chiropractor during your assessment and treatment.

Learn More About After Hours Chiropractic Care Below

Don’t Put It Off If You Need to See an Emergency Chiropractor in Melbourne

When you experience a sudden, severe pain, or a recurrence of an old problem, it can be an instant source of massive stress and anxiety. At Vitality Chiropractic Australia, we’re here to provide you with fast relief — both for the pain and for the resulting stress. When you need an emergency Chiropractor in Melbourne, receiving compassionate assistance as soon as possible is important. We’re open seven days a week and can instantly schedule you an appointment when you’re experiencing sudden pain. No matter when you need our help, we’re ready to take your call. All year round!

A major benefit of turning to our team in situations that demand an emergency Chiropractor in Melbourne is the experience behind our clinic. Dr James Allen (Chiropractor) is the director of Vitality Chiropractic Australia. He has an immense amount of both training and firsthand clinical experience. When your pain feels overwhelming, we can put that experience and knowledge to good use. Discovering the best method of Chiropractic treatment for your pain begins with an examination in our clinic. No matter what time of day you need our assistance, we’re standing by to provide quality care.

While not all individuals require further imaging before the commencement of treatment, in acute situations or cases requiring additional information, our clinic is fortunate to be equipped with onsite digital x-ray software. This state-of-the-art machinery means you don’t need to waste unnecessary time travelling to a hospital or your general practitioner. This convenience is just one of the many ways we work to be a reliable emergency Chiropractor for Melbourne residents. Even if you’re unsure that Chiropractic treatment is appropriate for you, we have practitioners attending to all phone calls around the clock. Please call 1300-003-777 anytime to request immediate assistance.