Vitality Chiropractic Australia is proud to announce that we’re now providers of the innovative Sole Revolution Orthotics which are Australian designed and owned. Sole Revolution is the invention of well respected and known Chiropractor, Bruce Whittingham. Foot and lower limb complaints are an extremely common issue encountered in Chiropractic clinics around the world. It’s for this reason that we aim to remain at the forefront of technology and ensure our clients have access to the best treatment therapies.

 Common Foot, Ankle & Lower Limb Problems

Given Chiropractors are musculoskeletal practitioners it should be no surprise that people seek treatment for problems other then back and neck pain. Common issues that we see in our clinic include foot instability, shin splints, knee pain, achilles tendon pathology, lower back and pelvic pain, groin issues and more.

How May Orthotics Help You?

Our feet consist of various joints and arches. In some individuals these areas may be dysfunction and contribute to additional stress on the feet, ankle, knees, hips and lower spine. In combination with this, majority of us wear inappropriate footwear which compounds the issue.

sole revolution orthotics

The Major Differences Of Sole Revolution Orthotics

Not all foot inserts are the same. The major reasons we decided to supply Sole Revolution Orthotics for our clients was because they’re specifically designed to support all areas of the foot as well as providing proprioceptive input to the brain. Typical ‘off the shelf’ orthotics do not provide this level of improvement and usually only work on one aspect of the foot. Sole Revolution orthotics are designed to enhance the overall stability of the foot.

Do You Need Orthotics?

While the feet can be rehabilitated through various exercises, research has shown us that this can take quite a long time. If you’re interested in finding out more information about Sole Revolution Orthotics or would like a Chiropractic assessment of your feet then feel free to contact us via 1300-003-777 or email [email protected]