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South Morang Residents Trust Our Treatment Because They Understand That Our Philosophy Is Professionalism Without Sales Tricks Or Costly Care Plans. All New Customers Receive A $79 (Usually $105) 1st Appt.

  • WHO ARE WE? We live locally & understand that the cost of living is making life stressful for many. Our priority is ensuring that South Morang has access to proper Chiropractic care without hidden agenda’s. We’re a sophisticated, pain relief focused Chiropractor that’s run by a family, for the community to trust. We’re unhurried, relaxed & take the required time to get you feeling better. Your South Morang Chiropractor provides treatment including Massage, Needling, Exercise prescription, TENS, Ultrasound & more.
  • PERSPECTIVE: We have a modern treatment outlook and therefore don’t advise long care plans, costly treatment or “crack-only” type Chiro appointments. Our goal is for you to recover quickly, return when you need us & refer your friend & family because you trust our service.
  • REPUTATION: We’re priviledged that South Morang (3752) residents respect us which sees us have the most 5 star Chiropractic reviews in the area.
  • APPOINTMENTS & TREATMENT: We’re here for you early morning, late nights & weekends. Emergency appointments are available upon request. We provide all clients guaranteed same day appointments & treatment.
  • EXPERIENCE: Prior to working in private practice your practitioner assist two AFL clubs with there rehabilitation, strength & conditioning.
  • LOCATION: Your nearby Chiropractors are conveniently situated less then 5 minutes from the centre of South Morang meaning we’re accessible for all residents.

What To Expect With Chiropractic South Morang

Seeing a practitioner for the first time can be daunting because you don’t know what to expect. As well as this Chiropractors often get a bad reputation for over-servicing and unfounded beliefs. We’ve taken the anxiety out of your first visit to us.

  • STEP 1: When you arrive at our consulting suite you’ll be greeted by your Chiropractor. He will ask you to complete a brief examination form. This should take no longer then 3 – 5min. This form asks you to detail specifics such as pain, when it started, where it is, have you had it before, had you received treatment before, can you pinpoint activities which make it better or worse. Factors like these assist your Chiropractor.
  • STEP 2: Once this form is completed the Chiropractor will review the information which you’ve provided. You will be asked to join him in the treatment & examination room. He will perform a thorough physical assessment which usually observes your posture, joint range of motion/movement, muscle strength, neurological & orthopaedic function. These tests assist your Chiropractor in making an appropriate diagnosis of the complaint.
  • STEP 3: If you’re satisfied and wish to receive Chiropractic therapy then treatment will be administered immediately. Treatment will vary depending upon the complaint, however our aim is to reduce pain & improve movement amongst other goals.
  • STEP 4: At the conclusion of your treatment your Chiropractor may demonstrate exercises for you to complete at home or give you general advice prior to your next appointment (if required). We hope that you’re happy with the service and will happily refer friends & family when they’re seeking Chiropractic care.

South Morang Chiropractor Fees

Being community driven it’s our focus to ensure every person is able to afford pain relief. No matter what your financial situation you deserve to be able to look after yourself & your loved ones. We are different to other South Morang Chiropractors and this enables us offer more affordable fees and longer appointment durations.

  • INITIAL CHIROPRACTIC CONSULTATION (EXAMINATION & TREATMENT: 30 – 45min): $105. All new customers to our clinic are required to have a thorough examination. This not only ensures your safety but means we can tailor treatment to your needs. No person leaves our office without receiving treatment at their first appointment.
  • EXTENDED CHIROPRACTIC CONSULTATION (>15min): $76. It’s important to us that our customers receive treatment that is tailored to them. Because of this we include a variety of treatment modalities into our appointments. Treatment may include soft tissue therapy, stretching, exercise advice, spinal manipulation, associated spinal techniques & more.

South Morang Chiro Pain Relief

It’s estimated that one out of every six people suffer from chronic back pain. Chiropractors are one of the most sought after practitioners to treat back pain, however we also treat a range of other musculoskeletal problems. If you’ve never seen a South Morang Chiropractor you may be wondering if we can assist you. Below we’ve included a brief list of the most common problems that we manage.

  • Neck, upper back, middle back and lower back pain
  • Sciatica and associated disc injuries
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Sports injuries such as compartment syndrome, rotator cuff syndrome & shoulder impingement syndrome
  • Postural abnormalities including hunched or rounded shoulders, forward head position and pelvic tilt
  • Pregnancy related discomfort
  • Vertigo, dizziness and much more!

Learn More About Vitality

We’re a family run business that has thousands of customers. We’re owned by a husband & wife who have two young boys – Lucas & Noah. We aim to acheive excellence in everything that we do & ensure the needs of our clients remain first & foremost. The care that we provide remains at the cutting edge of medical research as we continually educate & attend musculoskeletal seminars. We take great pride in understanding everything about our clients because you mean much more to us then just your pain. We call you by your first name because we respect you. We’ve created a clinic atmosphere that is relaxed, fun, professional & unhurried. We take all necessary time with your treatment, even if it means missing out on lunch or getting home later then expected. We hope you sense our dedication to your wellbeing and strive for you to be satisfied with our complete service. Your Chiropractor in South Morang is James Allen, a graduate of RMIT University. He was born & raised in the northern suburbs. If you wish to talk directly with James please call (24/7): 1300-003-777.

Have Confidence That Your Practitioner Is 100% Competent, Professional & Experienced. Call 1300-003-777, SMS 0430-530-580 Or Book Online.

Chiropractor South Morang

Chiropractor South Morang 3752 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Medicare cover the expenses of my Chiropractic treatment? In particular situations Medicare will assist individuals with payment of their Chiropractic fees. In short, you must be experiencing a musculoskeletal issue (for longer then 6 months) while also suffering from another health issue (i.e high blood pressure, diabetes). We encourage our clients to discuss their current health and musculoskeletal problem with their family general practitioner.
  • I’ve never seen a South Morang Chiropractor. Could you please tell me how long your appointments are? We don’t specifically set any length of time for our appointments because we want to ensure that you’re properly looked after. While this is case, to give you an approximate an Initial Appointment (30 – 45min), Standard Appointment (10 – 15min) and Extended Appointment (20 – 30min) are out most common consultations.
  • Are all Chiropractic techniques suitable for me? No particular Chiropractic technique is suitable for everyone that’s why Chiropractors are qualified in a range of therapies. This enables your Chiropractor to apply these when required and across a broad range of presentations.
  • Can I speak directly my the South Morang Chiropractor before scheduling an appointment? We encourage all prospective clients to speak with our friendly team members and practitioners. You’re welcome to call our clinic via 1300-003-777 or send us an email via [email protected].
  • How do I find your clinic? Take either Lakes Boulevard, Plenty Road or Bush Boulevard towards Mill Park. At the Plenty Road and Development Boulevard intersection, turn down Development Boulevard and continue past Rivergum Village. We’re located at 9/7 Development Boulevard which is on your right hand side. There is ample onsite and street parking available.
  • South Morang suburb profile information: South Morang is approximately 24 kilometres north east of the Melbourne central business district. South Morang is a vibrant suburb with a population just short of 30,000 people. The first europeans to set foot in South Morang did so in 1824 and considered it suitable for farming. South Morang is home to one of the states biggest shopping complexes called Westfield Plenty Valley. This recently underwent a significant upgrade.

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The human body is an exquisite machine. However, like any machine, it can break down from time to time. Painful issues in the body’s soft tissues, joints, or nerves, are just a few of the ways this can occur. It’s important to understand that you don’t need to live with pain. There are steps that you can take to find a way back to a better life. If you’ve made the decision to look for Chiropractors near South Morang, then we would like to introduce ourselves as the clinic for you. Choose Vitality Chiropractic Australia like many other South Morang residents do every day.

Convenience, quality of care and comfort are the three foundational pillars of our clinic. We take many steps to ensure we meet the standards we’ve set for ourselves. How do we do this? Firstly, we remain available and open all days of the week by providing evening and early morning appointments. We also offer after-hours care by appointment, always making ourselves available anytime you require prompt Chiropractic treatment.

Our quality of care stems from two places: the experience of our staff, and our clinic itself. A fully equipped clinic allows us to provide complete care for those who come to our Chiropractors from South Morang. Secondly, we fulfil our promise of comfort through our caring and friendly staff. We treat every individual as if they were family members, inspiring confidence that you and your family are not just a number.

From improving your posture to reducing sciatica pain and much more, Vitality Chiropractic Australia is your source for practical and immediate management. The Chiropractors near South Morang can attend to your every need today. For appointments or further information, please call us anytime via 1300 003 777.