Whether we like it or not technology has completed changed the way we live life and even the way we carry ourselves. There’s even a fair chance you’re sitting on the train or couch reading this on your phone right now. Take a look around and observe how people are hunching over their phones or computer screens, contorting their bodies and potentially ruining physical aspects of their health. We’ve all heard about text neck, Chiropractors have been harping on about it for decades. So what can we do about it?

While there’s no doubting the huge convenience that computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices have brought to our lives, the down side is that they’re literally giving you a bad neck. Our neck is designed to provide great mobility, flexibility and assist us with maintaining normal posture. Unfortunately by using such devices it leaves our neck at great risk of developing injury including muscle tightness, spasm, joint sprain and degeneration – all of which are involved in text neck. Other symptoms which you may experience include headaches, vertigo, dizziness and nerve irritation.

Forward Head Posture (Text Neck)

When we’re lazy with our posture it leads to an increased pull on the back of the neck. This change can alter the shape and alignment of the cervical spine which is seen with text neck. The best solution is to be more aware of your posture when doing activities that cause you to look down. There’s no harm in taking regular breaks, stretching and altering your posture. Many people consult with Chiropractors to obtain specific advice on strategies and rehabilitation of their posture. If you feel you require a professional opinion please call us on 1300-003-777. Remember, its never too late to begin working on your posture because the health of your spine depends upon it.