It’s not uncommon to see people consulting with our practitioners that are perhaps anxious about seeing someone new or given they don’t know what to expect. It’s important that when you consult with a new practitioner that you discuss all aspects of your history and symptoms. Don’t minimize the pain, discomfort or complaint that you’re seeking attention for.

Your first visit to a Chiropractor provides a valuable chance to understand your problem as well as strategies to combat future re-occurrences. It is important to remain honest and open about each symptom that you are experiencing and provide them with as much information as possible (even if you feel stupid saying it!).

Be Honest

You should feel open and comfortable enough to completely be honest with your Chiropractor. We’re not here to judge and have your interests first and foremost. Be sure to be honest about your lifestyle, medical and health histories, previous complaints, family history and more because this information is integral to forming a detailed picture regarding your present health and problem.

Don’t Minimize It!

While Chiropractors are miracle workers, there are particular circumstances in which you’re better off being seen by someone else or going to the hospital for medical emergency. Any change in a problem or complaint can be positive or negative. Discuss these changes with your practitioner so you aware of what is going on. If you’re experiencing signs including paralysis, loss of bowel and bladder control, visual changes, speech changes, chest pain, breathing difficulties and unrelenting headaches it is important to be clear about the signs and symptoms. These signs and many more can indicate that you require immediate medical attention.

What Should I Tell My Chiropractor? We Encourage You To Ask Questions!

As you would with any doctor, be sure to voice any concerns or questions. It is important to us that you’re fully aware of every procedure, test, treatment technique and more that you receive in our clinic. Your Chiropractor should clearly explain these factors and much more for you.