When we’re young our bodies are mobile and freely move about with great flexibility and range of motion. It’s not until later in life that we begin to prioritize good mobility as we see it greatly impeding our ability to complete regular tasks and our overall quality of life. While there are multiple factors that affect an individuals flexibility, many people do not recognize that Chiropractic is a fantastic modality for enhancing overall movement.

The major reasons that having good flexibility is important is because is influences your overall strength, endurance and rate of force production. So what are simple ways that you can begin to improve your mobility starting right now?

  • Begin performing dynamic stretching, static stretching or using a foam roller
  • Find a local Yoga or Pilates class
  • Keep active through both aerobic and resistance based exercise
  • Reduce your belt size by losing a few others additional kilograms
  • Consume a low-inflammatory diet as research has demonstrated that inflammatory based foods may affect the health of your joints

How Can A Chiropractor Help Improve Your Flexibility?

Chiropractic care focuses on the function of the muscular and skeletal systems which are integral to maintaining adequate mobility and movement. Chiropractors may implement spinal manipulative therapy, mobilisation, soft tissue therapy and massage as well as exercise advice to promote your flexibility among other improvements. Research has shown us that reduced range of motion contributes to a cascade of events that ultimately lead to pain, stiffness and limited flexibility.

  • A report published in the Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics included 105 patients and demonstrated that Chiropractic spinal manipulative techniques increased range of motion. This investigation observed three groups (no care, placebo care and Chiropractic care).

Assess Your Flexibility

How flexible are you? Let’s find out! Perform each of these tests while sitting an upright positon, you should be able to comfortably:

  • Tilt your neck and head backwards until your forehead, nose and chin are horizontal with the floor (i.e looking directly towards to ceiling)
  • Look over each shoulder so that you chin is in line with the mid-point of your shoulder

While standing you should be able to comfortably:

  • Run a hand down the outside of one leg (i.e use the right hand on the right leg) so that your hand reaches below the knee
  • Keeping your legs straight, reach down to your toes

How Did You Go?

If you struggled or clearly failed with any of these simple measures perhaps it’s time to consider improving your flexibility! If you would like additional information about how Chiropractic care can assist your mobility, please call us on 1300-003-777.